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I got a fake job at the academy C66

I got a fake job at the academy C66: The Witch’s Trap (2)

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When I came out to the entrance of the forest, most people were leaving, and only a few people in charge of the field remained. The most notable person among them was the president. Her characteristic two-tone hair was noticeable even in the middle of the night.


“Mr. Rudger.”

The President greeted Rudger with a gentle smile, then she rolled her eyes when she saw the two schoolgirls standing fidgety behind Rudger’s back.

“What are the two students doing?”

“I went to the Silent Forest to take the lost students out.”

“In the Silent Forest?”

The President narrowed her eyes for a moment. The shivering Cheryl Wagner trembled even more as she couldn’t bear it, and Flora Lumos bit her lip.

“Hmm…To go to a dangerous place like the Silent Forest in the middle of the night. What is the reason?”

“I, I mean……!”

Cheryl choked and her words were not coming out. At that moment, Flora interfered.

“It’s because of me.”

“F, Flora.”

“I went into the Silent Forest at will, Cheryl was just chasing after me.”

“Student Flora Lumos?””

Flora Lumos, the second-year senior of Theon, was a student the president was watching with interest. Family, looks, and even magical talents, she had them all and yet she entered the Silent Forest willingly?

She used to make small troubles, but she never came to such a dangerous place on her own accord.

“What happened?”

“It just happened because I was walking while thinking to change my mood, then Mr. Rudger saved me and Cheryl.”

“Hmm. That’s right.”

The president did not ask Flora other questions because she knew Flora was innocent. It is not unreasonable to say that she entered by mistake.

Since the Forest of Silence is so wide, it is virtually impossible to manage all areas even in Theon. Especially on dark nights like now, students are sometimes drawn to the magic of the forest without realizing it, so this is probably the reason.

The Chancellor stared at Rudger, who had brought out the two students.

“Thank you for taking care of them Mr. Rudger.”

“Of course it had to be done.”

“But I’m sorry, the situation is already over.”

“President finished everything?”

“Yeah, because it was urgent.”

The President was apologetic and looked closely at Rudger’s reaction but Rudger’s expression did not change. He was neither surprised, nor relieved, nor annoyed at the fact, he just accepted the current situation.

“All right.”

“Are you not offended? I asked for your help and took care of the situation on my own.”

“The president, who is more capable than me, came forward, so I think you handled the situation properly. It was a more efficient and faster way to get things done.”

At Rudger’s words, the president nodded with a bewildered face.

“That……yes. Well, that’s right.”

“I have no complaints about that. There is no disappointment over such trivial things.”


The president was at a loss for words at the answer that was so honest and even informative. From the first time she saw him until now, Rudger was very consistent, thanks to his military background.

“More than that, in the hands of the president…….”

Rudger opened his mouth as he saw the item wrapped in a rag in the president’s hand.

“Ah, this? It doesn’t matter.”

“Is that so?”

When the president said that, Rudger decided to turn his attention away.

Rudger nodded his head and glanced at the two students he had brought with him.

“So what can we do?”

“How can students make such a mistake? I think you should send them back to the dormitory.”

“Doesn’t a penalty point need to be added?”

“Oh my. Even Mr. Rudger says things that he doesn’t even care about. I will look at it, so just send it to me.”

“This is the president!”

Cheryl looked up at the president in awe with her impressed face while Flora just stood there as if she had no interest in such things.

“Then I will take responsibility and send them back.”

“Mr. Rudger, it’s late and you should go back.”

“All right.”

Rudger thus ended his meeting with the president and left.

* * *

“So how was it?”

After Rudger had left with the two students, Wilford, who had been watching the situation from afar, approached and asked the president.

“It can be said that the suspicion has been completely erased by this incident.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. He looked at me and didn’t react at all. If there was any connection with them, he should have shown a flaw, but there was no such thing.”

Moreover, Rudger even took two lost students out of the forest.

“The work was done quickly, and I like his attitude. Above all else, he even has strong mental power and wasn’t bewitched by the Silent Forest.”

“You seem to like him.”

“Maybe I do, but I think Wilford is the same.”

“Ha-ha. Well, I’m not going to deny it.”

Wilford was a former knight, so he particularly liked Rudger who was restrained and sharp compared to other corrupt wizards. In particular, his trained body, which stood out subtly under his clothes, showed that he was different from a normal wizard. That part made a pretty good impression on Wilford.

“Anyway, it seems that this incident has raised awareness among them.”

“I do not know, I wish I did.”

“Should you have captured and interrogated them?”

At that, the president shook her head violently.

“Mr. Wilford knows very well that those tactics won’t work on them.”


No matter how many members of the secret society were caught and interrogated no information about their own organization was leaked. Besides, some measures may have been taken to prevent them from leaking information.

Capturing and interrogating such extreme bastards consumes considerable time and mental energy so it would be better to eliminate the ones that were discovered.

“I hope this will calm them down for a while.”

* * *

“Just go back.”

Rudger, who had escorted Flora all the way to the dormitory, turned his back on her without hesitation as the job was over.



Flora called Rudger and tried to tell him something. However, no matter how many times she bit her lips, her voice did not come out.

“It is late at night, if you have nothing else to say, I will go.”

He disappeared like the wind as if he was busy. He was so fast that even Cheryl, who was beside Flora, stuck out her tongue.

“Wow. Flora, are you okay?”

“Yes. I don’t mind.”

“I was worried. Why the hell did you suddenly go into that forest?”



“There were times when I just wanted to wander around without realizing it. Then, after that, I somehow ended up in that forest.”

“……uh ok. But should I be careful next time, I was very scared too!”

“Yes. Thanks for your concern, Cheryl.”

Flora smiled weakly and returned to her dorm.

After washing and changing into her pajamas, she flopped on the bed. She was reminded of the figure of Rudger she had seen in the Silent Forest a while ago.

‘What teacher was holding in his hand was obviously some sort of medicine box.’

She was a little startled by Rudger when she asked about it. Even though she could only see his back when she first spotted him from afar, he was clearly trembling. What was he doing in a place where there were no people?

‘Are you sick?’

One hypothesis suddenly comes to mind and Flora unwittingly raises her upper body.

‘Is it true?’

It certainly looked like that. His body trembling in pain and the act of secretly taking medicine by hiding in a remote place where other people’s eyes do not reach convinced her even more.

‘There is no way Mr. Rudger is on bad drugs. Maybe he was trying hard to pretend to be strong, but he wasn’t feeling well, was he?’

Flora shook her head.

‘No. Nothing is certain yet. So let’s not think too deeply about it.’

However, no matter how much she denied it, she couldn’t help but keep thinking similar thoughts.

‘If I get a chance, I can check it out next time.’

Flora thought so and closed her eyes. It seemed that today, unlike usual, she would not have nightmares.

* * *

When everyone fell into a deep sleep after midnight the president confirmed with her own eyes the place where the real <Almighty Stone> was located.

“It’s all right.”

Thanks to the bait, I was able to clear some of the enemies, and the real thing was kept safe. Seeing the <Almighty Stone> in the center of the altar, the president sighed in relief.

It looked the same as the replica she made, but that Relic is so dangerous that she couldn’t approach it carelessly. The Almighty Stone responds to the owner’s desire and grants that wish.

‘The problem is that there is no limit.’

That stone responds to the darkest and most powerful desires hidden deep within the user. Even if someone asks to make a lot of money, it will not come true unless it is a real desire. Rather, they often force themselves to do what they do not want.

Most of the intense desires of humans are based on ‘maliciousness’. Rather than earning money and being happy, they implicitly want the person they hate to be ruined and suffer and the stone grants that wish.

‘However, if there is no user, the Relic will scatter waves of magic on its own and lead those who are sensitive to it.’

Therefore, the Almighty Stone had to be stored in an enclosed space covered with countless bulkheads so that its power does not flow outside and the people guarding the area must not be easily deceived by its magical powers.

‘It’s something to be careful about.’

Now, in the few remaining documents, there is a record that a kingdom disappeared in the past because of the stone.

People might be wondering why such a dangerous thing should be stored in Theon, but in other words, it is something that can be safely stored because it is in Theon. If it had passed over to the Tower or other kingdoms, war would have already begun.

‘I’m so glad I made it through without any problems.’

After the last check of the Almighty Stone, the president completely closed the entrance to the bulkhead. The 3m-thick metal outer wall that blocks the magic wave closed with a thud, and darkness descended inside, only the green light that gently emanated from the Almighty Stone dimly lit the surroundings.

The Almighty Stone was to be placed here without being touched by anyone for a long time again if only the shadows hadn’t wriggled in the dark.

A person rose from the shadows.


The man shook his dizzy head and sighed once then lifted his head and stared at the Almighty Stone at the center of the enclosed space.

‘It’s real.’

It looked similar to the fake, but the atmosphere it gave off was qualitatively different. Rudger’s stellar eye was able to discern the real thing right away.

Even the Almighty Stone, realizing that a human was around it, scattered more intense waves of magic power. Rudger felt it on his skin and frowned.

“Are you seducing me?”

If there is a being that can respond mentally within a certain range, it emits a wave of magic to make a wish on itself. It doesn’t just affect the body, it also penetrates deep into the mind and touches the desires hidden deep within.

“You’re doing something funny.”

But that only works on mediocre people.

Rudger approached the Almighty Stone, then reached out his hand and grabbed it.

“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of letting you realize my desires at will.”

“Woo woo!”

The almighty stone vibrated as if rebelling against Rudger.

“How many relics do you think I’ve seen so far?”

He was an expert in this area.

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