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I was sold at the lowest price C423

I was sold at the lowest price C423: Before I Knew It


In order to escape Kiyone’s invitation to drink, I could no longer stay away from the old man. So the three of us continued to talk about swordsmanship, but dad found Emitz and Mirti in a corner, refraining from eating and drinking.

“Why are they so quiet in the corner like that? They aren’t eating well and drinking.”

He was worried about them.

I think Emitz and Mirti were uncomfortable with the situation since they were soldiers.

“Hey, you guys, don’t stay in that corner, come over here.”

The old man calls out to Emitz and Mirti. The two looked at each other and were a little puzzled.

“Look, you can drink, can’t you? First, have a drink.”

With that, he poured the sake into the bowl he handed them. After some hesitation, they drank it down in one gulp. It seemed to be a very strong drink, and their expressions turned grim. However, the taste seemed to be delicious, and their expressions changed from grim to surprised.

“Delicious……This is distilled from grains, isn’t it? It has a mellow aroma and a rich flavor. I tried the local drinks, but it’s rare to taste something this refined.”

Emitz said after drinking it and Mirti agreed with him.

“Yes, I too have never had such an aromatic drink before. It has a strong flavor, but the aftertaste is not persistent, only the good aroma lingers on.”

“You both have a good palate. Here, you can drink as much as you like. Yuta bought plenty of sake for us.”

I did think it was strange for two people to drink that much, but they seemed to have been expecting to drink with everyone else. The two who had been offered drinks by dad had grown accustomed to the occasion, and with that, they sipped their second round of drinks.

After finishing the second drink, they couldn’t stop drinking the third and fourth drinks. The normally calm and sober Emitz gradually became drunk and began to show a different side to their usual behavior.

“Yuta, I sometimes get scared.”

He says so out of the blue. I’m glad he’s comfortable with us like this, even if it was with the help of alcohol. I asked him in detail what his story was.

“I left being a woman and lived my life as a man. I don’t know if that’s why…….”

I was at a loss for words. Not only me, but also my father, Kiyone, and Mirti were interested in the story, and before I knew it, they were ready to listen to what he had to say. He was wondering if he should talk or not, but I guess the power of alcohol encouraged him to start talking.

“Actually, there are times when I strangely find that……women are more attractive…….”

“What! Mr. Emitz, did you look at your……subordinate that way!”

Hearing this, Mirti reacts. Although she says it in words of disdain, her expression is somewhat happy. However, Emitz denies it.

“No, I think Mirti is beautiful, too……but right now I’m finding myself surprisingly attracted to Kiyone-dono……and, thank you, that……I think I’ve taken a liking to her…….”

Kiyone was puzzled, as if she didn’t understand the meaning of his words. The old man seemed a little surprised at Emitz coming out, but he took it calmly and started laughing vigorously.

“Hahahahaha──Oh, well, you’re a man with a good eye to notice Kiyone’s charms. How about it, Kiyone, you’ve never been told something like this before.”

Kiyone was still stunned, not understanding what was said. However, she quickly gathered her thoughts and responded, although she was still upset.

“I can only think of the sword right now……but I’m glad Emitz feels that way…….”

Emitz hurriedly reacts.

“I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“No, I don’t feel bad. There’s nothing to apologize for.”

Normally, this would have been a strange turn of events, but since both of them were adults, albeit drunk, the situation was settled amicably.

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