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I got a fake job at the academy C69

I got a fake job at the academy C69: Magical Synesthesia (2)

Chapter 2/3 for last week. Daily chapters until I finish the sponsored chapters(I hope).


Flora rubbed her forehead and slowly opened her eyes.


She fainted when she saw Rudger’s magic and had a dream that made her feel nostalgic and sympathetic. Her body felt warm as if she was in the arms of her mother who is now dead.

Belatedly, Flora realized she was lying on the sofa.


Flora slowly raised her torso, and discovered that the coat covering her body was running down. She recognized the familiar black frock coat with golden thread.


“Are you awake?”

Unknowingly, she turned her head toward the place where the voice came from and saw Rudger Chelici, sitting at his work desk, reading. Instead of the coat he usually wears, he wore a pure white shirt and a black vest.

His long bangs were slightly pushed back, revealing his forehead and his usual sharp gaze was diluted thanks to the rimless glasses he wore on his face, further accentuating his intellectual feeling.

“You don’t remember?”


“I showed you one magic.”

It was only then that Flora could remember what Rudger was talking about. He showed her a magic and, stunned by the intense sensation, Flora fainted.

“No, that’s! Sir, that’s……!”

Flora got up from the sofa but perhaps because of the shock, her legs lost strength and she fell back on the sofa.

“Keep sitting. It seems that you have not yet recovered from the shock of fainting.”

“How long has it been?”

“About 30 minutes.”

“About 30 minutes…….”

Flora shook her head and stared at Rudger almost as if she was about to eat him.

“What the hell was that magic?”

“What do you mean?”

“What you showed me right before I passed out!”


Rudger replied in a muffled voice as if it was nothing.

“It was just something I just came up with. It’s called Klein disease.”

“Klein disease? Did such magic exist?”

“It is not practical magic in the first place. It’s more of an experiment.”

“Is it an experiment?”

Flora wiggled her lips in disbelief. Others would have thought that it was an unusual type of magic but Flora knew that Klein’s disease was different, it was an innovation.

The level of magic that’s limited to three dimensions was raised. Even after seeing it Flora could hardly believe that such a magic existed but she accepted it.


But to Rudger it seemed as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“This is an experiment to see the extent to which the magic created through mana can reach?”

“Is that great thing just an experiment? Teacher is…….”

‘What the hell are you trying to do?’

Flora couldn’t bear to ask about it because she couldn’t possibly fathom the magic Rudger was trying to create.


The reason he created the Klein disease was because his curiosity for mana was not satiated.

‘Does mana exist purely materially? If so, does mana receive full physical effects?’

Mana manifested in the form of magic, mana was already something beyond the laws of physics. Magic is the embodiment of mystery and mana it’s the base.

‘The unknown that has not yet been revealed.’

With mana one can jump through space and Klein’s disease was created to prove that as it was a magic that can be manifested in 4 dimensions.

‘Mana goes beyond mere space and can interfere with dimensions beyond that.’

However, Klein’s disease only serves to prove the hypothesis because there was still not enough research to apply it to other magic.

“Anyway, I’m glad you woke up.”


Come to think of it, Flora fainted in the lab, but when she woke up, she was in Rudger’s office.

“Did teacher bring me here?”

“I can’t leave a fainted student in the lab.”

Flora recalled the figure of Rudger who caught her when she fainted and her face turned red in an instant.


“Flora Lumos, are your eyes and nose okay?”


Why all of a sudden? Before Flora could question it, Rudger spoke first.

“Hey, don’t you feel magic in a different way?”


Flora was astonished because Rudger discovered the secret of her peculiar constitution that no one had noticed until now.

“Damn, how are you…….”

“Because I saw it.”

“Did you see it?”

“Every time you look at my magic, your pupils dilate greatly. I found out that you were not looking at the magic spell itself, but the secondary phenomena that resulted from the spell.”


Flora could not believe that Rudger had noticed such a reaction that she was not aware of.

“And every time you saw a new magic, your fingertips trembled, it’s a reflex behavior that occurs when you feel momentary pleasure.”


“In particular, it is good to change the habit of twitching the bridge of the nose. From the looks of it, it seems that you can accept magic with your sense of smell, but it wouldn’t be good if you open your nostrils like that…”


Flora couldn’t stand it and screamed.

“Why are you screaming?”

“What disrespectful words are you talking about a lady nose?”

“I was talking about your habit. Be careful not to get caught by others.”


Flora muttered as if fed up with Rudger.

Rudger sighed, stood up from his seat, and walked slowly towards Flora.

“Don’t come near me!”

“I don’t know what the misunderstanding was.”

Rudger took his coat from Flora and after waving it in the air a few times, Rudger hung it neatly on the hanger.

“Seeing you screaming so loudly, it seems that your body has recovered properly. You should leave.”


“Can’t you hear me telling you to leave?”

Flora asked Rudger, still having not cleared her suspicions.

“Are you not curious?”

“What do you mean?”

“About my unique body.”

“You mean the fact you feel magic in a different way?”


Flora nodded her head frankly.

Her Magical synesthesia body had two of the five senses. If he had been any other wizard, he would not have been able to turn his eyes away from this unbelievable constitution. That’s why Flora asked in a worried voice.

“Not at all.”

But Rudger was different and answered in a firm voice.


“I am not interested in what you are like.”

“That, what…….”

“However, it would be better not to tell other people about that constitution. Magicians are very dangerous when they discover something they don’t know.”

Flora read something in Rudger’s attitude because he seemed to be aware of the magical synesthesia she possessed.

“In extreme cases, someone might abduct you and use you as a test subject.”



Flora swallowed at Rudger’s heartfelt warning. At the same time, she couldn’t help but think,

‘Why are you so calm? Have you ever met someone with a similar constitution besides me?’

“Teacher, do you know anyone other than me with a constitution similar to mine.”


Rudger didn’t answer, instead he raised his hand and pointed to the door of the office.

Flora wiggled her eyebrows at the action, but did not follow it. It was a moment, but Rudger’s face had a somewhat sad look on his face. So she did not dare to ask and had no choice but to leave the office.

‘Teacher knew. He must have met someone else besides me.’

No rather than that, how did he know that it would be dangerous if her constitution was discovered? And the subtle expression he showed at the end.

‘Did we know each other?’

Then Rudger’s behavior was understandable. He said that he had an acquaintance with a constitution similar to her and that acquaintance suffered harm. If so, who was that person? Man? Woman? If it was a woman, what kind of relationship did the two have?


Flora shook her head and stopped thinking about it.

‘Yes. Let’s just move on today.’

Just as she was thinking about it, Flora suddenly had such a thought.

‘By the way, I haven’t received another award instead of the extra points.’

Rudger showed her Klein’s disease and did nothing else because she fainted. Flora looked back at the office door.

‘If I go back in now and ask for the prize.’

That be a bit.

‘I’m stupid too. Why did I forget the most important thing because O was so caught up in something else?’

Flora wanted to rip her hair out but time that has already passed cannot be turned back. She left her regret behind and had no choice but to back down this time.

At that moment, someone from afar approached her with staggering footsteps. No, to be exact, she was approaching Rudger’s office.



Holding an old book in her arms and walking with careful steps, it was a girl with a rare gray hair color.

‘I remember.’

Flora is not very interested in other people, but she remembers a few unusual children in her class and Rene was one of them. At the beginning of the semester she had a quarrel with an aristocratic student but the fact that she, a commoner, gets along with the 3rd princess overshadowed that.

She is also strikingly beautiful in appearance, so even if people don’t want to know her, they can’t help but remember her.

“Uh, you…….”

Rene also recognized her Flora and stopped her steps. If she were to name the most famous person in Theon sophomore year, it’s her. She is the daughter of the Duke Lumos and has a natural talent for magic in addition to her beautiful appearance.

She has no attributes like herself but unlike her non-attribute magic, which is difficult to understand the source of, her senior, has her own firm path. But why is that person in front of Rudger’s office?



The two looked at each other without a word. They take Rudger’s class together, but other than that, there’s almost no contact. However, Flora could not help but doubt why Rene had come to Rudger’s office, especially when she was holding a book.

Rene was also wondering why a senior like Flora was standing in front of Rudger’s office.

It was Flora who moved first in that subtle and uncomfortable silence.


She passed Rene as if she wasn’t interested. Rene stared at Flora’s back and remembered why she came to Rudger’s office.

‘Oh right. Book!’

After reading the book on non-attribute magic, she came to return it to the owner, Rudger. With that thought in mind, Rene gulped her saliva in front of the door to his office. It was the moment she was about to take a deep breath and then knock.

“Come in. The door is open.”

Rudger’s voice sounded from inside.

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