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I was sold at the lowest price C424

I was sold at the lowest price C424: Mysterious Strong Enemy / Yuki

I will post 2 daily chapters until I make up for the missed chapters.

Returning from the glacier ruins, we arrived at the front lines against the Kingdom of Lacia the following month. With no time to relax, we were immediately forced to prepare for battle.

As we entered the hastily constructed frontline base, which had been manned by the border towns we had occupied, Arjain, Rosetta and other senior members of the Central Area Army gathered in my ride carrier.

The purpose was to confirm the current situation and discuss future strategies, but it also seemed to be aimed at appealing to all the troops that the command had been transferred to me. For this reason, my ride carrier became the meeting place.

“So why are we struggling so much?”

Rosetta, a member of the former Three Greats, was far superior to Arjain before the Ten Gods of War system was introduced.

As it has been reported, it appears that Lacia has also acquired Nitro Ludia technology, and its magicraft forces are more powerful than we had imagined.

Moreover, they seem to be receiving support from the Radle Company, with state-of-the-art battleship-type ride carriers with powerful guns and a myriad of large magicrafts deployed, their strength is no less than that of the new Elysian army.

“Even so, you are one of the Ten Gods of War, aren’t you? How can you fall behind riders who have been enhanced with Nitro Ludia?”

At Rosetta’s words, Arjain’s complexion changed. Then he began to speak in a less than enthusiastic manner.

“It’s simple. I don’t like to talk about this, but there is a rider stronger than me on the Lacian’s side.”

Both Rosetta and I were surprised at his words. Arjain’s Ludia value exceeds 420,000 and he is riding a powerful magicraft. What kind of rider could make Arjain say that he is stronger than him?

“When you say he is stronger than you, does that mean he is marginally stronger than you?”

I asked without thinking.

“If you can call the difference in power between me and the five Exlanders in my entourage, who can’t even put a scratch on me, then yes, it is small.”

The Exlanders are an elite force with a Ludia value of more than 100,000.

“Unless we defeat him, it will be impossible to conquer Lacia so this battle will be up to you, Yuki.”

So that’s how it is. …… I now understand why I was sent to fight against the Kingdom of Lacia on such short notice. As far as Arjain is concerned, there is only a limited number of people who can fight that Lacia rider, even among the current strengthened Elysian army. It’s either me, Mr. Yuto, or those two legends……

“I’ll take care of that rider. Will that solve your problem?”

I genuinely think that if there are people who are interfering with the operation, we will just eliminate them. It is true that the overall strength of our forces is superior to theirs.

The opponent we are fighting is someone who has so far repelled the Elysian army’s attacks but defeating that rider, the center of the enemy forces, is not a guarantee of victory.

Yuki can deal with such a monster. Let’s think about a specific strategic plan. Please let me know how Lacia troops are positioned, the location of their bases, and so on.”

At Rosetta’s instruction, the intelligence officer wrote down the information on the table about the enemy that was currently known. Looking at this information, they began discussing how to attack the enemy.

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