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I was sold at the lowest price C425

I was sold at the lowest price C425: Military advice/Yuki


The full extent of the unidentifiable Lacia forces had not been ascertained. However, we do know that the enemy force estimated from previous battles is at least as large as 12,000 magicrafts, 300 battleship-class ride carriers, and 300,000 soldiers. Although this is an astonishingly large force, ours is still superior in terms of strength.

Even if we have an advantage in terms of strength, it does not necessarily mean that we have an absolute advantage in the war. The Lacian army is taking advantage of its geographical position, and it is overwhelmingly more difficult for us to attack them.

Looking at the enemy lineup as laid out by the intelligence officers, an old man named Horostoi, who was newly appointed as the chief of staff of the Central Area Army, who is also a chaperone assigned by the military, perhaps out of concern that I, as the general of the Central Area Army, would be unfamiliar with strategy, was troubled.

“All the bases are perfectly defended. Moreover, the bases are linked to each other, so it will be a hard task to attack them down. No wonder Lord Arjain was having a hard time.”

“It seems that the enemy has some very good military strategists.”

Rosetta also seems to agree with Horostoi and praises the enemy’s lineup.

That place will be my battlefield.

“The Manoni Fortress is the most important base on the Lacian side. It is in a position where they could easily support the other bases and if we don’t take it down, there is nothing we can do. We attacked it several times, but all of our attacks were rebuffed and we suffered heavy damage.”

Looking at the location of the Manoni Fortress, it is in the center of a group of enemy strongholds, and even the untrained eye can see the importance of the fortress.

“You tried to attack Fort Manoni alone? No wonder you lost so many battles. The enemy’s positions are strongly linked to each other, reinforcing each other’s defenses. Therefore, if you try to attack a stronghold alone, you will be caught in the enemy’s trap and you will only suffer more damage. If you don’t consider the entire group of defensive bases as a large fortress and attack it, you will not be successful.”

Rosetta not only has practical command experience, but she has also studied proper military tactics, and she rationally points out Arjain’s poor strategy. Before his awakening with Nitro Ludia, Arjain was just an elite rider. He had command experience at the platoon and company level, but suddenly he was forced to command a corps unit.

He seems to understand that his strategy was flawed, and he does not argue, but simply nods and listens. In the first place, it is strange for a country to suddenly put a person in command of a large army because of his high Ludia value.

This kind of policy makes me wonder if the emperor or even Rafishal are really trying to win the war.

“Anyway, it is certain that the opponent cannot be defeated by force just because they are overwhelmingly superior in terms of strength. First, let’s think of a tactical strategy and implement it, shall we, Master Yuki?”

I think it would be more efficient to proceed without me but I guess he is just showing respect for my position as commander. To be frank I think it is a waste of time so I simply nodded.

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