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I got a fake job at the academy C74

I got a fake job at the academy C74: Back Alley Talk (3)


“It’s amazing.”

As we safely left the meeting room, Hans felt as if he was dreaming.

“What do you mean?”

“The ideas brother brought up. Even I, who is proud to say that I have seen and heard many things in my own way, have never seen such a thing in my life.”

“Well, it’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t matter. Didn’t you think of it all?”

“I, too, just saw other people’s things and thought of them. I can’t say they’re my ideas.”

I’m just suggesting a path based on the history of Earth I’ve seen. This is not something I came up with, but a path that pioneers of an era made with blood and sweat so there is no reason to pretend they were my ideas.

“Still, it’s surprising, all the organizations have made a promise to obey your words.”

They said they’d come under me, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely obeying my orders. I understand their feelings so I don’t regret it because I haven’t shown much yet for them to trust and follow me. So, I must successfully finish this project and win their sincere loyalty.

“There are many businesses that can be used and the basic funds are enough.”

Businesses used by the Red Society or the money they have saved up and even Bellbot Rickson’s slush fund.

“But that’s not what’s important right now.”

I stopped, turned around and stared at the corner of the alley.

“If there is something you want, come out.”


Shortly after Hans asked what that meant, a woman hiding in the dark appeared, a lady with a black veil over her face and black old-fashioned attire. She was Violetta, leader of the women of Black Rose.

“Looks like you have something else to say seeing that you didn’t even bring an escort.”

“Yes. I would like for the two of us to have a quiet conversation.”

“Hmm, that’s right. Hans.”

“Yes, brother.”

“Go first.”

“……Are you okay?”


“I was a little worried.”

Hans shrugged his shoulders and quickly disappeared through the alleyway. It was only me and Violetta who were left in that place.

“Would you like to walk for a while?”

“No. We’ll just talk here.”


There were many things she wanted to ask me, so she brought up the subject right away.

“Do you really think our business will do as you say?”

“When it comes to business, it is…….”

I suggested a musical to Circus led by Pinion. It was because I had a vision that suited it, and I thought I could do it but the women of the Black Rose are different.

I can’t expect splendid showmanship like Circus has from them. If so, how should they conduct business?

The answer I came up with was ‘fashion’. Clothing, apparel and design, that’s what I suggested to them.

“Do you think you can’t?”

In this world, clothes occupy a considerable mainstream in the market. From time immemorial, people have tried to show off their style through clothing, and they do not hesitate to spend a lot of money for it. It was still the same today.

“The clothing market is dominated by aristocrats and wealthy merchants.”


“……They’ve built their own solid brands and are solidifying their position every day. It’s a place where no one can squeeze in.”

I nodded.

Those who are considered the leaders in the current fashion world are brands that sell professional clothing to the aristocrats. Expensive and good material, beautiful and colorful design, that’s called haute couture.

For the upper class, it refers to clothing and clothing stores that are custom-made by individual designers. It is no different in this age as it is the property of the nobles. Whenever a banquet hall or a party is held, the ladies always wear clothes with these brands.

This culture or situation has already become entrenched and for the past decade or so, it has refused to change itself.

“Do you think we can break through?”

“It will be difficult.”

When it comes to fashion in this world, it is only for the rich and wealthy but that doesn’t mean that people can’t be involved in fashion just because they don’t have enough money.

Naturally, the logic of the market is, after all, the logic of money so the flow has no choice but to follow those who have money.

“Fashion always changes and now fashionable clothes have been around for too long. It’s time to slowly change the water.”

“It’s not as easy as it sounds.”

“Surprisingly, you know a lot about the fashion world, don’t you?”


At my point, Violetta bit her mouth like a person who has been fooled.

“You must have been very interested.”

“So what?”

Violetta asked, furiously. Her job is to be a prostitute who is despised by society. Although she is the head of a group and she has beautiful looks, the stigma still remains. No matter what she does, she can never escape her stigma.

“There is nothing that can’t be done. No, rather, if there is a lot of interest, we can see that it is fortunate that we agree with each other.”

“You really think that is possible.”

“Did you not see the design drawings I gave you?”

The clothes designs I gave her were less than 10, but it must have been quite a shock to Violetta. Unlike the clothes that insist on only beautiful and flashy like now, it was rather close to the opposite lighter and more comfortable clothing.

It is not a fashion that only a selected few can lead, but a method that the public can choose. Mass fashion aimed at the many, not high fashion for the few. No, in this case, I should call it Pret-a-porter (a ready-to-wear suit).

The clothes that clothing brands are selling now are just for show and it’s difficult to wear them in everyday life. So, clothes that have been sublimated into more practical designs were born, clothes that can be worn on a daily basis but with the image of luxury.

It was not the exclusive property of the nobility, but a path that could be chosen by a larger number of the population. In fact, even in the history of Earth, after the Industrial Revolution occurred, large-scale production became possible, so the old fashion faded and these popular clothes began to take shape.

The upper-level culture was left behind and inevitably pushed aside by the popular culture.

“Yes, I saw them and they were definitely surprising. I didn’t think a man like you would come up with such an idea.”

“It’s not mine. I also got it from someone else.”

“Whatever it is, this is definitely innovative. Of course, there are a lot of things that need to be fixed, and there are things that are annoying.”

“It’s up to you.”

What I am trying to do in the first place is to bring those who were in the shadows to the sun. At the same time, it is no different than declaring an all-out war against the culture enjoyed by the high society.

It is said to be a change that will come someday, but as long as it is pushed forward, clashes with the older generation will be unavoidable.

“But we will definitely win.”

History has proven it.

Although magic that did not exist on Earth exists in this world that is full of mysteries, there are bound to be some similar situations in places where people live. Wherever people live, the winds of change are sure to blow.

“How long can we live under the hood?”

“…It’s surprising.”

“What do you mean?”

“At first I thought you were a hard and cold man, but now I see that you have more ambition than anyone else.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

I answered by gently lowering the fedora hat on my head. Anyway, the ladies of the Black Rose will open a clothing store based on some of the businesses I handed over. It is premature to start dealing with luxurious things like a tailor shop from the start.

Right now, they will be selling mainly clothes that the public can wear but they will be different from the clothes that are now widely spread on the street.

“We will start small but gradually expand our scope.”

In particular, the woman in front of me has a better eye for fashion than others. Was it a natural talent, or was it that she worked hard? Maybe it was both.

It seems that she has been holding back for a long time because of her lowly origin, but she doesn’t have to now. She is free to use whatever she wants.

“Now I don’t have to worry about protecting my sisters from others. If you are such a person, then I will come forward.”

In order for them to freely do what they want, they need support and I will do that role.

“Is that so?”

“If you want to get some ground, you should think about applying magic to fashion.”


At my words, Violetta trembled greatly. Her expression was invisible because of her black yarn, but it was easy to see that she was astonished.

“Did you think I didn’t know?”

“……How did you know?”

“A wizard recognizes a wizard.”

Violetta, who was only a high-class prostitute, was able to create a power like the Women of Black Rose in Leathervelk underworld, because she was a wizard.

“……Yes, it is at a level that is insignificant.”

“No matter how insignificant it is, if you don’t have talent, you won’t be able to learn even that magic. Who did you learn from?”

“It was just one of those rich wizard guests. He gave me a little candy because I served him while wearing a mask, and he was so happy that he taught me some magic.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t cast off the status of a high-class prostitute.”

No matter how much she knows how to use magic, in the end, her identity is fixed there and does not change.

“Are you really going to lift us up like this?”

That is Violetta’s true intention after all. She had ambitions, but she had no choice but to hide them. That’s how the weak are in society. They are despised and despised by everyone, and for that reason, there is only one place to lean on, the deep bottom of the class system.

The wall they felt was so large that they had no choice but to give up before even trying to do anything. Even Violetta, who is trying so hard to pretend to be strong, has anxieties about this business in her heart, so other people will be shocked.



“The important thing is not who does it, but how well you do it. Aren’t you curious?”


“When they saw the people they had been ignoring and looking down on, horribly chasing up from below. How will those high-ranking people react?”


At my words, Violetta grabbed her stomach and chuckled. It was not like a lady who had been polite before this, but like a girl who had thrown off a heavy load.

“Hahaha. That would be really fun.”

“Yes. It is well worth the challenge.”

“Okay. I’ll admit it. James Moriarty, you win. We women of the Black Rose will trust you.”

As Violetta said so, she lifted up her veil that covered her face.

“Since we’ve decided to be together, I can’t hide it forever.”

As felt by her voice and graceful behavior, she was quite a beauty. However a terrible burn was engraved on one side of the woman’s face, which should have been more beautiful than anyone else.

“……Is it a burn caused by magic?”

“Well, what can I do? A crazy wizard who mistook his twisted possessiveness for love did this because I decided to endure from the moment I learned magic.”


I didn’t ask what happened to the wizard because a wizard will not be punished by the state for only inflicting a wound on the face of a prostitute.

He’s probably living a good life somewhere. Nevertheless Violetta stood up to protect women in a situation similar to hers, until she was subjected to such a thing. She gave up her dream and future as a woman to do that.

“Isn’t it ugly?”

“No. You are a very strong woman.”

So she liked it even more. She believes in such a person and can work with them.

“I appreciate the lip service.”

“Did it sound like that?”

Then I should give her something too.

“Since you showed me something, it would make sense for me to show you one thing too.”


“Stay still.”

As I said that, I slowly reached out towards Violetta’s face.

She opened her eyes wide and was bewildered at the sight, but when she met my gaze, she stood still with a determined face.

“As you know, I am a wizard.”

“Yes. With that power, the Red Society was wiped out. I don’t think you’re trying to say such an absurd thing to use magic to heal my wounds, right? It’s already too late to fix this burn. Healing priests of the Lumensis Church also gave up.”

“That would be the case with normal magic.”

“Normal magic?”

Violetta didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. Maybe I don’t even know how to explain it.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Just keep in mind that it’s ‘real magic’.”

“Real magic.”

I said only that and raised a small amount of magical power. At the same time, I used some of the power I normally suppressed.

In a dark alleyway where only the moonlight that comes down through the cracks illuminates us a pure white light that warms even the heart gently rose and disappeared.


Eventually, I let go of the hand I had placed on Violetta’s burn marks.


“Check your face.”

Violetta immediately took out a hand mirror and looked at her face. The burn marks that had covered a side of her face had disappeared as if washed away.

Her trembling gaze turned to me.

“Damn, how are you……What did you do?”

“Didn’t I tell you?”

I shrugged my shoulders lightly.

“It’s real magic.”

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