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I was sold at the lowest price C428

I was sold at the lowest price C428: In Pursuit of Farma


Leaving the matter of Meltaria to Jean and Alana, I headed for Ludawan in Arleo-2. On the way there, I tried to contact Farma with the spirit box, but she seemed to be fed up with the persistent communication with Alana and the others and has completely blocked the communication, making it impossible to talk to her.

“Feri, how soon can we get to Ludawan?”

The most up-to-date maps are registered in Feri’s database so she will calculate the time required based on Arleo-2’s flight capabilities and distance.

“We’ll be replenishing the ether as we go, so it will take at least 32 hours.”

“Is it impossible to go all at once? Can’t we just use the ether pods to replenish?”

“Unfortunately, the distance is beyond the limit of continuous flight. Besides, it would be better to have the ether pods ready for replenishment in the event of local combat.”

“I see…….”

We can’t predict what Farma will do so I would like to arrive before it becomes irreversible, but it seems difficult.

During the first ether refill break, I received a transmission from Emina. Apparently, she had heard from Alana that I was on my way to Ludawan.

“Yuta, where are you?”

“Uh……Feri, where is this area?”

“In the northern part of the Raddle Neutral Zone.”

“I see.”

“What’s the situation there?”

“I’m chasing it with a high-speed ride hover, but I still can’t catch up with Farma’s Garuda 2 at all. If it were only for its flying ability, it might be faster than Arleo 2.”

“I didn’t know it had that much power!”

“According to Rafishal, Farma has a high aptitude for flying, so he has enhanced her flying ability to the maximum extent.”

If he hadn’t strengthened it so much, they might have managed to catch up but there is no point in thinking about that now. For now, I just prayed that Farma wouldn’t do anything reckless.

“Yuta! I think Farma wants to avenge Mr. Belfast with her own hands. The Elysian Empire’s army has already surrounded Ludawan, so it’s only a matter of time……before her target is killed, so she’s headed there alone.”

I was surprised when Nanami told me information that even Alana did not know.

“Wait a minute, Nanami, what do you mean?”

“There was someone behind the death of Mr. Belfast.”

“How do you know about that?”

“The truth is that the Iron Knights have become quite strong and I was talking with Farma about returning to Ludawan once the Amurian Federation thing, the resurrection and other issues were taken care of. But we didn’t know the actual power and situation in Ludawan, so we asked Alice Abbey to do some research. When I asked, I told Sister Muzie about the Belfast case, so she was very considerate and looked into that as well.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about such an important matter?”

“Yuta seemed busy, so I was talking to Farma about talking to you after I got the information……”

Apparently, the two of them were concerned about my busy schedule and wanted to talk to me after the information was in order so as not to add to my worries.

It’s true that I was busy with various things, but I wanted them to talk about Mr. Belfast’s case because it was important to me as well. However, I was not angry with the two of them because they had no bad intentions and I reflected that I should have taken the initiative in this matter.

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