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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C117

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C117: I decided on a faction


The first day of school in the week is very tedious. Contrary to my thoughts and feelings, the teacher has been teaching with enthusiasm, raising her voice from the first period.

I wonder how many students are listening and taking the class seriously. I look around and see students lying on their desks or facing their desks.

I guess my feelings are normal so I follow their example and enter my own world. After all, I could not persuade my father yesterday. My father’s will was firm and I couldn’t do anything about it, but now I’m thinking that if he would stay with the Hart family, that would be fine.

This is not because Viscount Hart and my father are good friends or for some vague reason like that. To begin with, all of the Hart family’s sons are at home, with the exception of the eldest son. I think Viscount Hart doesn’t want to make unnecessary messes either.

I don’t quite understand my father’s desire to boast about the former royal family treasure but, well, I guess I can leave my father alone as he wants to do. Still, I have to tell Yulis that the escape route that she went out of her way to secure for me was a waste of time.

My feelings became heavy. How would she react? But if she turned her anger toward my brother or father, that would feel good. As I was thinking this and feeling better, the bell rang to end the class, and the teacher walked out of the classroom. Then, my classmates let out a pent-up breath and began to move.

I, too, forced myself to stretch out wide, trying to free myself from the hustle and bustle. Then I thought about what I was going to do. Should I go talk to someone, go to the restroom, or prepare for the next study session?

I let my mouth relax at the first option that popped into my head. After the mock battle, I was treated like a hero by everyone, albeit unwillingly. At first, I didn’t like it, but eventually I got used to it and nowadays I feel it’s not so bad.

I have made enough friends that I can talk to them normally, and I have succeeded in making friends with many students. I also learned a lot about the situation from the conversations I had with everyone, and I was able to include that in my decision to join the Orrard family.

Thinking back, I suddenly felt the desire to talk with everyone, and I sat up with great enthusiasm.

“Hey, Chris, are you there?”

I looked in the direction I heard the voice and saw Yusuk outside the open door. Yusuk, perhaps having spotted me, waved his hand in an exaggerated manner and walked up to me.

“Chris-kun! I heard you’re joining Alfred-sama’s faction?”

Yusuk smiled cheerfully and said in a cheerful tone. However, the classroom suddenly froze. It was only natural. The man, who is treated as a hero by everyone, and even the head of a family, had decided which faction to support. Regardless of whether they were on the royalty or the prime minister’s side, there was no doubt that this was important information.

As I had expected, all of my classmates were looking at me and listening. Seeing this, Yusuk let out a slurred voice.

“Huh? Chris, you didn’t tell them?”

It was the day before the holiday when I had the conversation with Alfred. I’m not sure how much time I have left to tell this, since it’s today after the holiday. Or rather, it would not have been something I would have said in the first place.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. The fact that Yusuk came to talk to me at this time may have been to spread the word around that I was under Alfred’s umbrella.

I wondered what I should say, not being able to read his intentions accurately, but it was soon resolved. Yusuk is not the kind of person who would treat me with such a calculation. He probably just came to talk to me in a normal way. Besides, I will continue to be under Alfred’s umbrella, so I will answer honestly.

“I thought it wasn’t something I should be the one to say.”

As I said this, the atmosphere among my classmates changed. The classroom became a jumble of joy, confusion, grief, and a variety of other emotions. However, like when you mix a lot of paints, the room gradually fills with a dark atmosphere.

Looking around to see what the cause is, I realize that it is because Mist, Claire, and Alice are giving off a distinctive aura.

Claire is creating a gloomy atmosphere, lying on her face and mumbling to herself. Mist, perhaps annoyed with herself, has flames of rage in her eyes and is biting her lip. Alice’s eyes went blank and her soul seems to be slipping out of her gaping mouth.

I don’t know about Mist, but Alice and Claire must be in a lot of pain emotionally and circumstantially because they have decided to oppose them.

I’m not without emotion either and I feel an unprecedented sense of guilt that constricts my chest and makes it hard to breathe. If I could, I would not want to fight but it is absolutely the right choice to protect my home.

“Oh my, Chris, your influence is bigger than I thought…….Wouldn’t this mean that if you appealed to more people, we would get more friends?”

Yusuk asked me.

“No, that’s not what I……meant.”

Alice, concerned about Claire, almost stopped Yusuk so, but stopped in mid-sentence.

The most important thing to remember is that I can’t let my feelings get the better of me and not cooperate. I must cooperate with them in order to survive.

Then an idea came to me.

If they continue to increase the number of allies on the Prime Minister’s side and the disparity becomes overwhelming, the royalists may soon surrender and I won’t have to fight Claire and Alice.

There is some concern about what will happen to Alice, the royalty. However, since all princesses except Alice are married to nobles outside the country, the prime minister would probably choose to marry Alice to succeed the throne. I cannot guarantee the king’s life, but I can guarantee Alice’s life.

Thinking of this, these words came out of my mouth.

“I have decided to join the Orrard Family, and I would like you all to consider the implications of my decision.”

As soon as I said that, both of them fell down with a thud.

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