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I got a fake job at the academy C77

I got a fake job at the academy C77: Iron Feet Seridan (1)


Violetta’s active use of wind magic made it possible to quickly deal with the remnants of the Red Society. There must have been quite a bit of commotion, but the cops don’t come all the way here since this is a sparsely populated alleyway, that’s why murders take place like meals here.

“Is it all over?”

“Yes. There doesn’t seem to be anyone left.”

Violetta said as she shook her hand. Perhaps it was because she had wasted quite a bit of mana when she was using attack magic but her voice seemed to be a bit tired.

I stood still and secretly took out a pill and chewed it.

“……Really. If you’re fine, please help me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Is this a test to check my skills?”


I don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh, is it because I just watched the remnants of the Red Society get cleaned up? Because I can’t spend mana carelessly, I just stayed still. Wouldn’t I be a hindrance if I interfered when my allies use magic?

Apparently, Violetta interpreted my attitude a little differently.

‘It doesn’t matter.’

I don’t need to correct the misunderstanding, my priority is to restore my mana.

“These guys did it pretty splendidly. After the organization was completely destroyed, they recruited people to launch a surprise attack.”

“They must have been desperate or maybe too greedy.”

“Well, they must have thought that they would have everything if they killed us but they would know for sure that they would suffer losses unless they were idiots…….”

Violetta couldn’t finish her words properly because she had something to do with it. Come to think of it, the Red Society hired the Calsapa Assassins. No matter how novice they are, they are highly trained assassins so they should be very expensive.

‘Did they have enough money?’

It wouldn’t have been easy even if they had a slush fund that they hid. Besides, those bastards, knowing that the assassins failed to kill us, did not run away and rushed at us. Did they think we’ve lost our strength? Didn’t the people who lived in the back alleys know about it?

‘They couldn’t run away.’

They couldn’t escape and had no choice but to fight us. Then why couldn’t they escape?

“They were pushed.”


“The remnants of the Red Society.”


At my point, Violetta seemed to have realized something, and exclaimed,

“……If so, then there are other people involved in this matter.”

“They probably provided the money to hire the assassins.”

“Who are they? There can’t be too many people who have that kind of power in the back alley…….”

I shook my head.

“Maybe it’s not someone from this world.”

“I hope so…….”

“Okay. Someone up there, who doesn’t like this situation, must have been involved.”

Also, someone who is somewhat nimble about the situation here and can secretly provide money.

“I thought it’s related to Bellbot Rickson, but that’s not it.”

“……There were suspicions that Dutri had ties with Bellbot Rickson.”

“There is no doubt. They actually had a connection.”


“I’ve heard it from Dutri myself, so I’m pretty sure.”

“Wait a minute. Did you hear it yourself? When? Before you kill him?”

“I haven’t killed him yet. Now, Dutri is locked up by my subordinates.”

Violetta was speechless for a while.

“Almost everything was sorted out, but he is still the head of the Red Society. He should have spit it out if he knew anything more.”

“……You are strict.”

“Dutri took advantage of the Red Society to team up with Bellbot Rickson. He was paid and did the dirty work for him.”

“But Bellbot Rickson is dead. I saw in the newspaper, it’s said he was attacked and killed by a werewolf.”

“I killed him.”


“I was the one who killed Bellbot Rickson.”


“It is said that he was attacked by a werewolf, but the reality is different. Bellbot Rickson secretly used the Red Society to make tests on humans.”

“Why did you tell me that?”

When the story of the incident came out of my mouth, Violetta looked very embarrassed. It would be rather embarrassing to hear a truth that you didn’t expect.

“So I killed Bellbot Rickson. I gave a worthy end to a man who violated human dignity and when I searched his safe and ledger, I caught the tail of the Red Society.”

“……So you got rid of the Red Society?”

“Anyway, I also have to settle here and I didn’t really want to stand with them.”


Well, I understand the surprise and you’ll wonder why I’m saying this.

“……I will make sure this is a secret.”

“It’s good that you understand quickly.”

This will prevent Violetta from thinking of betraying me.

Although we had already fought together and I gave her a vision for her organization to move forward as a human being, even if she received various benefits, later she will quickly forget and might betray me.

‘This is a kind of intimidation.’

I killed Bellbot Rickson, one of the richest people in Leathervelk. In other words, unless it was a noble, I could kill everyone else if I wanted to. This fact alone will make my presence even greater for Violetta.

“You are a smart woman. You will understand what I am trying to do.”

“This time, we have to find the person who instigated the Red Society that attacked us.”


“I will be very busy. I have to carry on the business you told me to do.”

“Can’t you?”

At my question, Violetta shook her head.

“That’s a statement that hurts my self-esteem but I’m sure I can take care of it.”

“So be it. If you can’t show that level of performance, you’ll be in trouble. I’ll hand over Dutri to you as a reward for your hard work.”

“Aren’t you still holding him?”

“He’s in a state of disrepair, unable to walk properly. You are free to use him to extract information or kill him.”

I could hear Violetta swallowing her saliva and smiled softly

“There were a lot of things that were piled up, so you can use any method. This is also my gift to you.”

The reason Dutri was spared was not to extract information, but to leave him alive and leave a good impression on the other three organizations.

As they had many connections with the Red Society, they must be the ones who want to kill Dutri more than anyone else.

“I will work hard. More than you would expect.”

“Good answer. I’ll see you later.”

“The bodies…….”

“In the back alleys, people don’t ask the reason for death because the dead do not speak.”

“……Yes. I know.”

Violetta bowed her head politely towards me. Nominally she is an equal partner with me, but already she has sworn allegiance to me.

It wasn’t a bad feeling.

* * *

“Is brother done?”


“……Somehow, a mysterious group was going to the place where brother was. Have you met?”

Instead of answering, I slowly removed the one-eyed glasses from my face and took off my coat.

Hans nodded his head knowingly.

“I think you’ve got it all sorted out.”

“They even hired the Calsapa Assassins.”

“Those crazy….”

“They were newbies out to gain experience.”

“But isn’t Calsapa still Calsapa?”

“So you have to move a little.”


“There are people behind the scenes who ordered us to be killed. It seems that the Red Society is disappearing and a new one is coming in, which is not a small thing.”

“No, I’m dying to check the listings at the Kunst auction house right now…….”

“If you can’t, don’t.”

“No, I will. It is directly related to my life, and I cannot afford to waste it.”

As soon as I hung the coat on the hanger, the door swung open with a loud bang. This is our secret base, where people rarely come, even in the back alleys. It was a place where ordinary guests would never come but the door was opened and she appeared.

“Is it Seridan?”


At my words, the little girl who had just entered the room looked at me and her eyes lit up.

“It was Nari after all!”

Lightly tanned brown skin and white hair tied in two comfortably. The raised eyes and corners of the mouth look full of playfulness. She was wearing loose-fitting trousers and a loosely draped shirt with a lot of oil on it.

Iron Feet Seridan is a dwarf girl who is the developer and inventor of the wire launcher I use.

“It’s still powerful and noisy.”

Saying so, I loosened the strap that had been attached to my left arm and threw it at her. She jumped out of her place, grabbed the device, and checked its condition right away.

“Hmm…The tip of the launcher is worn out, and some of the cog screws are loose. Besides, I have to change the wire.”

“I had a lot to do.”

“This fitting is loose, I think it happened because one more person was added to the original weight? I told you to be careful, this is for a single person to use! It’s just barely enough to raise a person with all kinds of stuff like Nari!”

“I used it that way because it was strong.”

“You don’t know how delicate machines are?!”

“So you can’t fix it?”

“10 minutes is enough!”

When it comes to machines, she’s more of an expert than anyone else. The sword sticks and saw blade boomerangs I used were all made by her. Of course, it was me who provided her ideas.

When I give her a rough idea, she gets stuck on it and invents like crazy.

“Hey, assistant! Help me!”

“Who is your assistant?”

When Seridan called, Hans shouted.

“If your sister says come, you will come! Won’t you come?”

“I got it! So get rid of that mouse tooth!”

“If you don’t listen to me you’re getting stabbed by this. Okay?”

“Damn it. Brother, please stop that bastard.”

”It’s fine.”

That’s what I said, but actually, I can’t stop Seridan either because she’s impossible to control. I’m just glad that she didn’t cause such a fuss with me.

Seridan’s riot is mainly directed at Hans, because she knows his weakness and deliberately carried something like a mouse’s tooth to threaten him.

“Then, I will go to the workshop first! Come quickly!”

Hans clenched her fists as she watched her go away like a storm.

“That little bastard.”

“Even if she looks like that, she’s older than you.”

Seridan looks like a little girl because she’s a dwarf, but she’s actually older than Hans.

“I know. Damn. Why is she only doing this to me?”


Because she’s happy, but I couldn’t say that because Hans’ expression quickly turned gloomy.

“……Are there more people coming here?”

“By the way, Seridan is not allowed to touch gunpowder.”

“I know that, because I don’t want to die either.”

Iron Feet Seridan is a great inventor and developer, but perhaps because of her terrifying personality, she was also a time bomb. However, the problem is that she’s a time bomb not a metaphorical meaning. If she has real gunpowder, she will try to make all kinds of bombs.

“Do you remember when brother and I first saw that bastard?”

“It was an underground mine in the Kingdom of Delica. They illegally enslaved different races and forced them to mine day and night.”

“I do. That guy was also caught there.”

“It would be foolish to say that she was caught.”

“I think so too.”

When I was using the James Moriarty identity me and Hans sneaked into a mine and found Seridan who was secretly making a bomb to blew up the tunnel.

“If it exploded, we would all be dead, right?”

“If the tunnel collapsed 1km below the ground, even the strongest knights would’ve died.”

“……I have to take care of that crazy bastard who tried to destroy a tunnel.”

“Take care.”

Hans has a lot of trouble and surprisingly, only one member of our new organization <U.N. Owen> has come so far.

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