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Just a guy who wants to share asian webnovels with the world. I’m doing machine translations (with heavy editing of course), leave a comment if you see a mistake so I can fix it. After all I’m just a human. 

 If you have any questions or inquiries you can contact me at neogalaxy1997@gmail.com

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  1. kuuderekunn

    TY for editing IGaFJatA. It’s a great story and you edit the mtl really well. Do you need another editor?
    Additionally, for the person who complained about $24, editing a MTL is painful, tedious, and strenuous. I can hardly read them and it burned holes into my brain when I had to edit them previously. Bravo to this fine person for their tenacity and not shying away from their worth.

      1. I get that you are just one person, but 24$ for a ch seems like a bit much, not from the standpoint of that it is generally the normal price, but that you don’t have to memorize the language to translate it

      1. Thanks for the suggestion but I already have 3 series I want to translate. If I have time in the future and these novels are not picked up by anyone I’ll consider them.

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