I was sick these past few days and forgot to make an announcement but I’m felling better now. Releases will resume tomorrow and all chapters that I missed are counted and will be released in the next days. I hope to go back to the regular schedule from Monday.

Releases+Schedule+New Novel

Releases I’ve been and I’ll be very busy these days and might miss some releases but don’t worry I’ll make up for everything after the New Year, or maybe even earlier. Schedule Due to the lack of support Teacher Caught up in Class Summoning releases will be reduced from 5/week to 3/week. I’ll decide in…

About New Novel and Old Novels Status

As you can see I picked up a new novel and the schedule will be 3-5 chapters/week for now. The schedule will remain the same for my other novels except for “An old hero who died after being betrayed by his beloved disciple comes back to life as the strongest demon king in history.” I’m…

About I’ve changed my job from [Sage] to [Thief]

When I worked on ICJFST I used the raws from Syosetu and I thought the novel only has 62 ch, but I recently found out that it has 85. After this announcement I’ll release volume 6 (11 chapters) and volume 7 will be released in a few days.


  Regular Chapters IWSLP – 7 chapters/week Rogue Lord – 5 chapter/week (Monday – Friday) Struggle of a weak Aristocrat – 4-6 chapters/week (Saturday and Sunday). If the chapters are short I’ll release 3ch instead of 2. Sponsored Chapters IWSLP – 9$/chapter Rogue Lord 15$/chapter Struggle of a weak Aristocrat 12$/chapter (2 chapters if they’re…

Donations status

There are 2 donations in queue a 6$ from PhantomF for IWSLP and 12$ from David Adhika but he didn’t said which series is supporting. David if you see this please respond to my message of Ko-fi. Your donation will be held in queue until then.

Font resizer changed

The previous one didn’t work as I wanted so I changed it. For those who read on their phone just click the symbol and you’ll see the the font resizer.  

New Novel Released

I wanted to release it yesterday but since I posted 7 chapters I decided to postpone it until today. The schedule will be 2-3 chapters/week until “I’ve changed my job from [Sage] to [Thief]” is finished. I hope you enjoy my new project.

Darkmode + New Novel

Sorry it took so long to add it. I’ve started working on a new novel that will be released either Saturday or Sunday. The release rate will be 2-3 chapters/week and no sponsored ch until I finish I’ve Changed My Job From [Sage] to [Thief], which will be done on the 4th of August.

Accessibility helper sidebar- custom font size

AHS, located in the top left side, will allow you to change font size as you wish. Sorry it took so long to add the feature, I’m a beginner at this.

Approved by AdSense

As you can see I’ve finally been approved by AdSense (maybe some of you can’t since you’re using AdBlock), which brings me to the purpose of this post. It would help me a lot if you whitelist the site. If I generate enough revenue I’ll be able to dedicate more time to translations and work…

IWSLP chapter 91 and 92

There was a error and chapters 91 and 92 weren’t released even though I scheduled them. Sorry for this, I released the ch manually as soon as I woke up. This error can happen to anyone who uses WordPress.

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