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Chapter 1.

Chi Jing opened his eyes, his head pounding as if it were about to explode.

The ceiling in his line of sight was very white. Because the curtains weren’t drawn, the sunlight filled the room unfiltered, making the small space very bright.

This was completely different from the dark but spacious black palace in his memories.

He paused as a flood of memories surged into his brain.

After everything settled, he slowly propped himself up from the messy bed.

First, he poured himself a glass of water, then, holding the cup, he walked over to the window, navigating through the scattered beer cans.

It was only after receiving these memories that he realized he had entered the world of a novel about a fake and real young master. However, he wasn’t the protagonist; he was the malicious fake young master set up as a foil to the protagonist.

The name was still the same. He wasn’t sure if that was why he had ended up here.


He smirked, enjoying the sunlight that he couldn’t see in the dark palace.

Would he be universally hated?

What a joke, nobody could dislike a succubus!

His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of his phone, and he found it in the gap of the sofa.

The screen lit up, showing the caller’s information: Mu Jingshan, his manager.

After being kicked out by his adoptive parents, Chi Jing’s part-time jobs in university were ruined by them too. With no options left, he was discovered by a talent scout and signed with an obscure entertainment company.

And Mu Jingshan was the talent scout who found him, doubling as his manager.

The entertainment company was so small that it only had about ten employees, including the boss. Mu Jingshan was indeed a certified manager, but he also worked as a part-time talent scout due to the company’s lack of funds, recruiting a few naive youngsters to train.

Chi Jing was one of those who were deceived into signing.

Why deceived? He glanced at the contract and quickly saw the loopholes. In short, it was an exploitative contract.

He sneered, the hangover making his face look a bit pale, and his hair messy from a night of neglect.

But this did not affect his appearance; it actually made him look more fragile.

With pure black hair and eyes, his long, narrow eyes shimmered under the sunlight.

The most striking feature was the tear mole under his eye, which made him look alluring when he looked up and pitiful when he looked down, adding a sense of fragility.

He curved his lips and lazily leaned on the clean part of the sofa.

He answered the phone.


Mu Jingshan’s voice seemed a bit muffled, as if the phone was held far away.

“Chi Jing, are you at home? I knocked on the door, but no one answered.”

“I’m home, maybe I didn’t hear it.”

Chi Jing yawned.

He really hadn’t heard Mu Jingshan knocking, probably because he was receiving the original host’s memories at that time and didn’t notice the sound.

He currently lived in a suburban apartment that the original host bought during university. The apartment was so remote it could be described as desolate.

And this apartment was his only remaining property—he had given all the money he earned from part-time jobs during university to his adoptive parents before being kicked out.

He got up slowly and opened the apartment door.

Despite it being the hottest part of July, Mu Jingshan was dressed in a full suit, looking like an insurance salesman.

Seeing the beer cans scattered all over the apartment, he frowned.

But the words he was about to say were swallowed back when he saw Chi Jing’s pale and fragile face.

After a long pause, he sighed.

“I know you’re very upset, but drowning yourself in alcohol won’t help your career at all.”

“Got it.”

Chi Jing bent down gracefully, picking up the empty beer cans and throwing them into the trash.

His movements were elegant, as if he was not picking up empty beer cans, but plucking a vibrant red rose.

Watching him, Mu Jingshan’s furrowed brows relaxed.

He believed Chi Jing was definitely a promising talent for the entertainment industry.

He would personally help him rise to the ranks of top stars.

Chi Jing was unaware of Mu Jingshan’s grand ambitions.

After tidying up the beer cans, he opened the window.

The apartment had poor ventilation, but opening the window was better than nothing.

After doing all this, Chi Jing glanced lightly at Mu Jingshan.

He spoke.

“Did you come all this way just to be a statue in my house?”

Mu Jingshan shivered under his nonchalant glance.

Then he heard his words.

Mu Jingshan pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling that Chi Jing seemed different.

Did he always have such an enticing look in his eyes?

Mu Jingshan couldn’t remember. Chi Jing didn’t like interacting with people much, and they had only met a few times.

Once at the university’s north gate, when he first noticed this stunning young man and, despite the other’s rejection, thick-skinnedly handed him his business card.

Another time was during the contract signing, when he was still somewhat insecure, always lowering his head, completely different from now.

“The company got you a spot on a travel variety show.”

Mu Jingshan pushed aside his doubts and stated the purpose of his visit.

Chi Jing said, “Hmm, and?”

“The filming starts in a week. Two of the original guests had to cancel due to schedule conflicts, and you are a replacement, so the timeline is tight.”

Chi Jing was chewing on a candy he found in the coffee table drawer. The original host seemed to also love fruit candies, as the drawer was filled with various flavors.

“What if I don’t go?”

Mu Jingshan was stunned. He didn’t expect him to refuse.

“The director of this show is very famous. Although his reputation isn’t great, his shows always get high ratings.”

Chi Jing sneered.

“If that’s the case, why would he choose a newcomer like me?”

“Why would the company remember to give me this opportunity? As far as I know, the company has signed many artists.”

Chi Jing’s company, Long Huang Entertainment, was ambitious, as suggested by its name.

Unfortunately, the upper management wasn’t interested in making money honestly.

A company with less than 20 employees but nearly a hundred signed artists, most of whom were deceived students.

Once they signed the exploitative contracts, they either obediently did what the company wanted or paid a hefty compensation to terminate the contract.

Chi Jing had no choice but to sign with the company after all his avenues were blocked by his adoptive parents.

Mu Jingshan was choked by his words for a long time.

He struggled to organize his thoughts, trying to persuade Chi Jing.

“True, the director is interested in your background story. Negative attention is still attention, and the company will arrange for bots to help clean up your image.”

Mu Jingshan became more enthusiastic as he spoke.

“The internet has no memory. Once you’re famous, buying a few trending topics and hiring some PR accounts will make them forget quickly.”

This might fool recent graduates, but Chi Jing wasn’t buying it.

With the company’s stinginess, they wouldn’t spend money on bots or PR.

Mu Jingshan added.

“You also need to consider the contract. This opportunity was hard for the company to secure.”

“Fine, I didn’t say I wouldn’t go.”

Chi Jing shrugged. He knew Mu Jingshan would mention the contract.

This was a necessary plot point in the original novel, and he couldn’t avoid it.

Hearing him agree, Mu Jingshan breathed a sigh of relief.

He tried to comfort him earnestly.

“It’ll be okay. Once you get through this, you’ll—”

Chi Jing cut off his useless pep talk.

“I need to go to the city center. Can you give me a ride?”

Mu Jingshan was taken aback and responded awkwardly.

“Of course.”

Chi Jing nodded, picking up the trash he had just cleaned up, and spoke lightly.

“Let’s go.”

It took a long drive from his apartment to the city. On the ring road, a basic black Audi sped along.

He sat in the back seat, the wide-open window blowing his black hair back, revealing his fair, full forehead.

Mu Jingshan glanced at him through the rearview mirror, marveling at his eye for talent and luck.

“Where are you going?” he finally asked as they entered the city, realizing Chi Jing hadn’t mentioned his destination.

Chi Jing lifted his eyelids, slouching bonelessly in the seat.

He casually gave an address.

Ten minutes later, Mu Jingshan dropped him off.


He got out of the car leisurely.

Watching the car drive away, he stretched.

Mu Jingshan might be a fool, but he wasn’t a bad person. Trusting a company like Long Huang Entertainment said it all.

According to the subsequent plot in the original novel, after the company squeezed all value out of the original host, Mu Jingshan stood up for him and was also abandoned by the company, ending up bankrupt and in debt, lightly mentioned in the novel.

He walked easily towards a nearby mall.

Perhaps he could help Mu Jingshan since he went out of his way to drop him off.

Feeling good, the succubus decided to get a new hairstyle.

He wouldn’t let these annoying matters affect his appearance.

The salon in the mall was expensive, but he had other plans.

He saw online that the salon was looking for promotional models.

 Simply put, they were looking for attractive people to get their hair done for free in exchange for cooperating in filming videos for online promotion.

As he expected, he walked out of the mall with a fashionable new look.

However, he had no plans to return to his apartment just yet.

This world was completely different from the Western fantasy world filled with wizards and strange creatures. He leisurely walked down the street, enjoying a rare moment of tranquility.

Of course, he wasn’t saying that he was a strange creature.

Succubi should be the most perfect beings in this world!


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