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The fallen brother is actually the strongest: The strongest hero in history is reincarnated and unknowingly unmatched at the school
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I, Eugene, am the strongest hero in history.
After defeating the Demon King, I found myself reborn as Julius, the son of a nobleman.

It seems that in this world, I was abandoned by my family as a child with zero magical power.

I was compared to my excellent twin brother, cuckolded by my selfish fiancée, and looked down upon as incompetent by the people at school and in the mansion. It seems I had a rough life.

But I, reincarnated as a different person, don’t care about them at all and decide to live my second life in a carefree manner.

At that time, I did not know.
That this world is actually the future, 2000 years after my time as the Hero.
In this peaceful world, the level of magic and swordsmanship had declined tremendously.

I was reincarnated with the best swordsmanship, magic, Recovery Techniques, and Martial Arts of a hero, and wielded the strongest power without awareness in a declining future world.

I overturn all the bad reputation and common sense around me, and my lover, family, and my brother, who used to make fun of me, are jealous of me.
But I don’t care about that at all, I just continue to enjoy my freedom every day.