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We are childhood sweethearts, we have no guesses, and we have the most beautiful time. However, because of your father, I have no father, and I swear I will never love you again.

After a year of dodging, I will see you at the CUBA arena. I vomited blood and fainted in front of you because of a stomach problem. I deliberately called out another boy’s name. I thought you wouldn’t mind me, but you didn’t.

I was coerced by my creditors with a large debt, you rescued me from the sky, and I thanked you sarcastically. I thought you would hate me, but you didn’t. You know the reason for my debt, and you must help me repay the debt. If I reject you, even if you are involved in someone else’s love, you will be cast aside. I thought you would give up on me, but you didn’t.

Later, I pretended to be with someone else to make you give up. You gave up, I thought you would definitely leave me, but you didn’t. Yes, Mu Nanqiao, I still like you. You tolerated me, loved me, protected me, and gave me a lot of love even though the whole world was against us.