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흙수저가 회귀하면 금수저가 된다
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You need to become an [Influencer].
Are you ready to start?

Envious of the glamorous lives of influencers, I started my own YouTube channel.
But the reality is… 513 subscribers.

I lived the life of an unemployed icon until one day I fell into the Han River and woke up to find myself…

[Skill: Quick Shot of Life (D)]
[Skill: (Not) Sorry (B)]

I thought it was the [You Need to Be an Influencer] skill.


Three years after moving to Apgujeong due to her father’s business success, she was living a life of luxury.
The sudden failure of his business left us penniless.
Suddenly, the past returns and a strange status window appears in front of her.

Luxury bags, department store VIP lounges, exotic cars, fine dining.
YouTuber, influencer, and fellow alumna Ha Jein has it all.

[Reveal the 🤍 dressing room, ranging from plain luxury bags to limited editions] 20:38
[ENG/DM Mom’s Favorite Diamond Accessories] 15:46
-You have the best face. Just take a picture of your face and show it to me for an hour, please~
– Born with a view of the Han River, a golden spoon, and harmonious parents… I wonder what it’s like to live like that.

I used to secretly look at Instagram every time with a mixture of superiority and envy. Now, bye-bye…
Now I’ll do it too. The Golden Spoon Influencer.


“But why are you being so nice to me?”
” Well, because I wanted to~”

He smiles, then slowly walks over to her and gives her a shoulder to lean on.

“Because you asked me to… so I’ll do anything.”
“That’s okay, let’s start with something easier.”

And the man who said he wanted to be by my side for a long time.

Will I do well in high school again?